Business Philosophy

NTK emphasizes the importance of relationships -- both with the management teams of its client companies, and with its wide investor base and underwriters. Entrepreneurs, managers, investors and investment groups who work with NTK, get exposure to opportunities and markets they may otherwise miss.

When NTK commits to a project, their relationship surpasses traditional funding or other advisory arrangements. By working directly with the principals of the company, NTK develops a customized plan for active monitoring of, and significant participation in major business decisions. Not every company will require the same degree of assistance, but NTK takes seriously the commitment to help its companies grow and prosper, and its investors reach a high ROI.

To even better understand our business philosophy, please refer to the book "POISED FOR GROWTH -- Taking Your Business to the Next Level", lead-authored by the President of Noveltek, Gabor Baumann, and published by the McGraw-Hill Companies (also publishers of Business-Week and Standard & Poor's).

POISED FOR GROWTH deals with the growth and success factors of Emerging Growth companies. It is based on extensive research and interviews with key industry players, and is packed with vivid examples of the emerging growth years of companies such as ADP, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Apple, Starbucks, Fore-Systems, America Online, Boston Market, Ben & Jerry's, Netscape and others. The book is available at, or Yahoo Books (including a more detailed review).