We work with THREE SECTORS:

  1. Emerging companies and their founders and management.
  2. Funds, financial institutions, and other entities that evaluate emerging companies and the small to mid-cap market.
  3. Large corporations who are looking to partner with or acquire emerging companies, or emulate the internal entrepreneurship process in their business units.

The following is a SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES we get involved with, in the US, Europe and other select markets:

  • Fund/asset management
  • Private Equity for private and public companies
  • Assisting in evaluating public stock offerings and dual listings in the US and Europe
  • Synergistic investor relations (Europe) 
  • Pan-European Road Shows 
  • Strategic alliances between large influential corporations and smaller highly innovative companies, and reviewing, coordinating and financing merger candidates (M&A)
  • Company/ stock analysis
  • Special situations
  • E/Valuation services

    E/Valuation Services: We now also provide strategic evaluation and valuation services for banks, large corporations, law firms, and other financial institutions, who are interested to understand the value represented by the growth and upside potential of an emerging growth company, whether private or public. Such quantitative and qualitative understanding is crucial when the financing or other transactions are not based on assets alone but involve other kind of guarantees, equity investments, or equity sweeteners. The same kind of E/Valuation can prove to be very helpful for larger corporations who are contemplating a strategic alliance or M&A transaction with an emerging growth company -- to complement internal innovations or to create new markets.