The Company


NOVELTEK ("NTK") -- headquartered in New York, with offices/ affiliates across Europe -- is an international investment management firm, focusing on growth companies requiring capital and increase in stock volumes/prices. We control the buying for a moderate sized growth stocks fund, and are in advanced process of formation of a multi-strategy hedge fund. Because of our vast experience, we don't shy away from opining on growth catalyst factors such as M&A, strategic alliances and exit strategies -- to achieve quantum leap growth. NTK is involved with mostly public, but also some private US and non-US companies. 

We also have a very large investor base in 12 major Western European financial centers, and in the past 15 years we've been sharing with them companies we like, as they have a good appetite for buying growth equities we pick.

The president of the company is the author of the international book about growth companies titled: POISED FOR GROWTH--Taking Your Business to the Next Level", published by the McGraw-Hill Companies (also owners and publishers of Standard & Poor's).  

International Scope:

In addition to its long-standing ties to the US investment community, NTK has developed uniquely strong ties to the Pan-European investment community in Switzerland, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Monaco, Luxembourg, Italy and Sweden. As has been widely publicized, European entities are increasingly, and more aggressively investing in equities -- including small to mid cap and emerging growth US, Canadian and other international companies.  The establishment of Nasdaq-like computerized exchanges in Europe, unmistakably points in the direction of this well observed, growing trend. And now, with cross ownership of US and European exchanges, this trend expands greatly.  

Highly effective road shows can expose companies to a large new institutional and private investor universe -- in major Pan-European financial capitals such as Zurich, Geneva, London, Paris (see photo), Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Milan and more. 

Here is a quote from the CEO of an emerging US company we took on a Pan-European road show:

"Thank you again for a tremendous introduction to the financial community in EU and UK. The follow-up looks encouraging; keep up the great work!       All the Best, David M. CEO

We help companies establish strong strategic alliances with major influential Pan-European corporate partners. NTK can also facilitate European listings for private companies, US listed companies, or companies listed on other major stock exchanges (dual listings). NTK will identify the proper European underwriters/ market makers and facilitate the review process with the exchanges. 

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